Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool Deck Cleaning

When the weather gets hot, everyone in the region makes their way to the nearest pool. And if the closest one just happens to be in your backyard, all the better! Eco Friendly Power Washing offers professional pool deck cleaning services that will keep this high-traffic area beautiful and safe.

The Safety Issue

Regardless if your pool is salt water or chlorine based, your pool deck often results in the accumulation of calcium carbonate buildup and hard water stains. An instant tip-off is the characteristic chalky white color that might start appearing here and there. Over time, this chalky white efflorescence turns into very hard and slippery calcium. This kind of buildup on your pool deck isn’t just an eyesore, but is also a serious safety risk. When calcium carbonate interacts with water — which tends to happen often around a pool — the buildup will become slippery. This increases the risk of slip and fall accidents, which can range from broken bones to far graver outcomes.

The Solution

Due to the hard and stubborn nature of calcium carbonate buildup, it’s nearly impossible to remove with a simple scrub. Our team offers the solution. We can effectively remove the accumulation of calcium carbonate and planter stains. We then profile the concrete to remove the slippery layer of concrete and seal it so it stays that way. In essence, you get a beautiful pool deck in the “now” and one that will last longer down the road.
Our team puts your well-being and safety first. But we also want your pool deck to look the part. That’s why you can always rest assured that a service with Eco Friendly Power Washing will give your property a face-lift that will make your pool cleaner, tidier, and more inviting.

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